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Fill out our form and order COVID-19 PCR Home Collection kits for you and your family members. Once the kits arrive, follow simple instructions and send it back.

Zero Out-of-Pocket

This PCR testing is appropriate for: Experiencing symptoms, Exposed, Possibly exposed to COVID-19.  You must provide a copy of your insurance and a valid State ID. If you have no insurance we will process your test and seek Federal Assistance.

Here's What The Timing Looks Like

Order A Kit

Take a few minutes to order a COVID-19 PCR collection kit.


Kit Arrives

Follow simple instructions to take the test, register your kit, and send back with pre-paid shipping.


Receive Results

Receive an email with a PDF of your test results for you to download.

Day After Tomorrow

What Does It Look Like To Take The Test?

Taking the test is a breeze and be done in less than a minute.