The least painful,

all-in-one employer testing solution.

End-To-End White Glove Service

Simple + Fully Automated

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This


We upload your employees into our reporting software and help you group them.


Testing kits are delivered to your business every week like a subscription box.


Employees take a gentle cotton swab test in minutes and send to our lab.


See results on your dashboard in 48 hours after our lab receives samples.


2,314 Positive Reviews

Trusted By Google and Solv

"They were friendly, quick and explained the options they had based on the timing needed. The price was reasonable as well."

Tayeii - Florida

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The AVA Solution

The Most Sensitive Test On The Market

With other tests, you could be shutting down your business for weeks because results showed positive after the employee spread it to the rest of the company. With our test, you can catch COVID long before they spread it.

Import And Press Go

Upload a CSV with thousands of contacts to save hours of time, and then group or tag your contacts to get organized.

Simply choose how often you want your employees to get tested, and let the system do the work for you.

White Glove Service

Nothing feels better than having a full suite of services being performed on your business with no effort on your part.

Generate Beautiful Reports

Get a quick snapshot of your company’s current health status, or dive into the detailed history of an individual employee’s testing history. It’s all ready to go at your fingertips.

COVID Testing For Employees Done Right

Say goodbye to email chains and spreadsheets. Let SynergyDx take care of you and your hard-working team.